Please Muddle Responsibly: Perfect Viral Marketing!

It's always a wonderment to know how viral marketing efforts hit my email in-box, but this one is a nice surprise. It could also serve as an almost perfect case history of how wineries could market their products.

First, I receive an email that DOES NOT hit my spam filter. This means that the marketers are using a service like Constant Contact or Vertical Response that requires its clients to get opt-ins somehow from its target customers. Bravo!

Secondly, the email subject header is brief but compelling: "Recipes of Rio - Leblon Cachaça"

The email text is interesting:

Bom Dia,

As a Brazilian living in Rio, with a passion for spirits, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work at some of the top hotel bars in Rio (I am currently the head bartender at Hotel Fasano-Rio). In my search for inspiration of new cocktail creations, I enjoy spending time visiting and trying out what some of the top bartenders are making throughout the city.

I have taken the opportunity to explore a few of my favorite cocktail bars with Steve Luttmann, of Leblon Cachaça. There are so many great places to visit that I couldn’t take you everywhere, but I wanted to share some of my journeys through Leblon, Ipanema, and Copacabana and introduce you to some of my friends and colleagues.So, I share with you some of my Favorite Recipes of Rio!


Next, when I do the display-images thing on my email, the photos at the top of the email (see above) are varied, vibrant, and it doesn't hurt that they include some good-looking bartenders.

After a few seconds, the YouTube video magically opens when you click on ANY image or recipe. The soundtrack is terrific, the movie a watchable 3 minutes. Try it yourself:

Then, reverting to the email again, the recipes are clearly posted and printable.

What could be more perfect? Hats off to Leblon!


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