Cape Dreams Brand Promotion leads with Water Conservation Notes

The Cape Dreams brand (to be launched in October by Heritage Link Brands) will be promoting the Rooiberg Winery Area's water conservation practices as part of the launch. What a smart thing for this group to do -- to attract US consumers to whom not only good wines, but sustainable practices, are important.

"Produced by: Rooiberg Winery Area, South Africa
Conserved: 6343 ha
Wine District: Robertson
Biodiversity highlights: Area conserved – 6343ha.

The natural area represents some 57.3% of the total land belonging to Rooiberg. An endangered, indigenous fish called the Breede River Redfin was discovered on one of the members farms, and a number of rare succulents and other plant species have been identified on some of the others.

First co-operative cellar to become a member of BWI in South Africa!
Rooiberg Winery near Robertson has made history by becoming the first co-operative winery in South Africa to achieve membership status with the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI).

They have achieved this by conserving valuable natural habitats on their member’s farms within an important succulent karoo region, and by embracing the principles of sustainable production.

Eight out of the 18 farms belonging to Rooiberg were selected as having the most conservation-worthy land and a letter of commitment was signed by each of the respective property owners and Rooiberg’s CEO, agreeing to not develop new vineyards on the pristine areas identified.

The 8 farms collectively contain some 6343 hectares of unploughed, natural land which represents 57.3% of the total area belonging to co-op (11 069ha). These are areas that have pristine lowland vegetation, wetlands, rivers or mountain regions.

The Breede River valley between Worcester and Ashton provides a remarkable meeting place for 3 major vegetation types namely Succulent Karoo, Renosterveld and Fynbos. This explains why the number of plant species found here is exceptionally higher than in other areas and cannot be matched anywhere in the world for a comparable arid region of the same size.

Preliminary surveys were made of flora, fauna and bird species on Rooiberg’s farms. One exciting finding was an endangered, indigenous fish called the Breede River Redfin (previously called Burchells Redfin), which is found only in a few, untouched Western Cape Rivers and is a superb indicator of river health. This special fish was discovered in the deeper pools of the upper Noree River in the Vinkrivier area."

This note was submitted by Selena Cuffe
Selena Cuffe is the President and CEO of Heritage Link Brands, LLC. She presides over the company's strategic and operational direction. With over 10 years of general management experience, she has served in key roles for United Airlines, Procter & Gamble, and the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), overseeing initiatives for over 20 countries.


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