Finally, a Good Corrugated Shipper

Hats off to Gundlach Bundschu for its role in the development of a corrugated shipper that eliminates the need for Styrofoam.

“We could not find a reliable, environmentally-friendly alternative to the 12-pack Styrofoam shipper,” said Chris Holman, operations manager for Gundlach Bundschu. He adds, “We partnered with Unisource Worldwide, Inc., and are pleased to have been part of a solution to help remove Styrofoam from land fills.”

As a result, Unisource is now producing a shipper that is made of 100% corrugated material with 20 to 40% post-consumer recycled content; 100% biodegradable and recyclable, has a minimal increase in weight over Styrofoam and a decrease from other cardboard designs, and meets United Parcel Service standards.

A recent press release noted that this was an element in Gundlach Bundschu's work to earn the distinguished Green Business Certification from Sonoma County. Gundlach Bundschu began to work towards certification shortly after the pilot program was launched just over a year ago and received its certification this summer. California’s oldest family-owned winery, it is one of only 12 wineries to earn the certification from Sonoma County.

Green Business Certification requires adhering to a strict set of standards in four areas, including water conservation, energy conservation, solid waste reduction and recycling, and pollution prevention. Certification requires inspection by a committee of local government and municipal utilities, including Sonoma County Water Agency, Pacific Gas & Electric, Sonoma County Waste Management Agency and Department of Emergency Services.



  1. Here's hoping the airlines will accept this rather than insisting on styrofoam!

  2. Each airline has it's own policy regarding alcohol in checked baggage, customers are advised to check the baggage restrictions by carrier. Some clearly state styrofoam is required (ie United) others do not. Unisource hasn't submitted the shipper to airlines for consideration as of yet.

  3. Hey David!
    You're right about the airlines...
    Regarding the shipper, is it made in the US or China? I've heard horrible things about cardboard (and sheetrock!) coming from China in terms of molds...
    Robert J. Morey
    Morey Cellars

  4. Hi Robert,
    Unisource confirms that the shipper is Made in the USA from materials compliant with toxics in packaging regulations. They have a website with lots of details on their products and practices at

    Susan Sueiro
    Gundlach Bundschu Winery