It’s not really my son’s fault that he forgot to give me all the keys to his new apartment in Boston. But there I was on the Thursday before Easter, having to trudge down Tremont Street near Dartmouth in the South End and find a place to work on my blog. HORRORS, turned on my laptop, went to log onto blogspot, only to find out that Stephi’s on Tremont did not have free wireless! What’s with that?

My first instinct was to check my wireless connection stuff, since blankety-blank Vista on my new Lenovo laptop keeps shutting it off. My next action was to talk to the manager and ask how to sign onto the Stephi’s network that did finally show up as a wireless option. The last action was to camp onto the low-bar LinkSys available from the not-so-high-toned-but-obviously-very-with-it deli across the street.

I could have moved. But why? The wine-by-the-glass list is good and reasonably priced. Frei Brothers (Russian river) 2007 Chardonnay, $8. Martin Codax (Spain) Albarino 2007, $8. Macmurray Ranch (Sonoma) Pinot Noir 2006, $11. (Okay, that’s a bit high for recessionary times…but good). L’Oca Ciuca “The Drunken Goose” (Tuscany) Sangiovese Blend, $7.

The booths by the window – open, and it was indeed lovely weather for a BoSox game !—were big enough for a few glasses, a Panini, my papers and my laptop. It was all good. Except for the internet problem. I spoke to the day manager, who was actually a bit huffy that I’d even ask to be given the password to use their network. Something about “what other restaurants do this?” Well, let me tell you, my Beantown Buddy, this is a crux of the East Coast-West Coast divide. And I’m not even a millennial who needs to be connected all the time.

But, that’s why I need an iPhone. So I can visit the less developed countries of the world and continue to do my thing. So, stay tuned. .. or maybe it’s “connected” or “friended” or “followed”, in today’s social media jargon?

And okay, just to keep the record straight, it WAS my son’s fault. And it is my motherly duty to tell him so.

HAPPY EASTER, GUT YONTIF, and take time to smell the flowers and sip the wine.


  1. But can't we have at least one place where we can connect with friends without the intrusion of technology or the ability to "get work done"?

  2. :) indeed! You had better be smiling, my friend. Among all the techie types I know (and since I lived in Silicon Valley for 20+ years, I know a lot...), you are my hero; NO ONE comments on a blogposting within minutes except you... face it, technology has gone 'way beyond the intrusion factor and become truly embedded in our lives. Can't live with it, can't live without it, kinda like a BBF (bad boyfriend).

  3. Have a great time in Boston... This time of year is so special!