Kickstarter Campaign rolls out for Vineyard in Reno

I'm proud to be the first participant in the Kickstarter campaign to create a vineyard and winery promoting Nevada Vines & Wines; read about it here..

The intro email:  "Here we are, Ryan and Danny sitting in the winery, asking you to take a look at our proposal.  CABNR and Nevada Vines &Wines have struck a deal to build a vineyard in Reno.  You are invited.  If you like our plan, help out with a tax free donation or some supporting comments.

The best way to create excitement about a new project according to Kickstarter is to generate some funding right away.  So, if you intend to support Nevada Vines & Wines with a year end tax deductible donation, please do so right away."

Through my Wine Time column in The Tahoe Weekly, I keep an eye on Nevada's developing wine industry.  This is a great step in the right direction!


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