AT SUGAR BOWL: Lake Mary Dinners sparkle with Good Wines

I’ve had the benefit of the wine selection philosophy of Chef Alan Davis of Sugar Bowl before, and on the patio overlooking  Lake Mary, Alan has put his creativity in the kitchen and his philosophy of wine and food to good use again.

Alan’s philosophy is simple: he designs food to match the wine.  He likes to find complementary wines, and Alan starts every dining year by tasting about 200 wines.  The wines he chose for Lake Mary dinners are both tasty and reasonably priced. 

The Sartori Villa Pinot Grigio 2011 from Venezia is a dry white wine that is classic for the region.  Its white-peach and citrus bouquet prepares your palate for pairing with many dishes, from asparagus tart to goat cheese crostini.  It has delicate tropical fruit flavors and a crisp, clean finish. Well-balanced and fresh, the alcohol percent is 12 per cent. It is a great wine with many starter dishes. $8/glass, $30/bottle.

Another subtle white on the list is the Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc 2010 from Chile’s Casablanca Valley.  This Sauvignon Blanc has juicy lemon and lime fruit aromas with hints of crisp green apple.  The wine is medium-bodied with tropical and citrus fruit flavors of white grapefruit and lime with a long crisp finish and some minerality.  13.5 percent alcohol.  $8/ glass.  $30/bottle.

Hob Nob Pinot Noir
with Grilled Pork Tenderloin
I enjoyed the Hob Nob Pinot Noir, a French red table wine, with the grilled pork tenderloin.  This Pinot Noir is slightly sweet but with some tannins too.  Taste of black cherries and spice, among other factors, lead me to say this it is less a serious Pinot Noir and more akin to a blend.  But it is a fun wine!  13 per cent alcohol.  $8/glass, $30/bottle.

Husch Cabernet Sauvignon
with stuffed cabbage
With pork or the stuffed cabbage dish, my choice would be the Husch Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, from Mendocino County’s Anderson Valley in California.  Made from sustainably farmed grapes from the La Ribera Vineyard, it has bold aroma of blackberry, blueberry, allspice, and cola. The very-berry and somewhat spicy taste is augmented by an earthiness that lasts through the long finish.  13.8 per cent alcohol.  $9/glass, $34/bottle.


A portion of the proceeds from the Lake Mary dinners at Sugar Bowl go to a variety of local charities.
Lake Mary, a beautiful setting
for dinners and special events
To reserve your place at these dinners next season, call (530) 426-9000.  The good wine selection and great cooking of Chef Alan will also be a feature of the Dining Room at Sugar Bowl throughout the ski season.






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