My Rant About Alcohol-Level Labeling Issues

Well, goodness bless Jon Bonne for opening this topic again.  I couldn't resist making a comment on his great blogpost ( and here goes:

"Absolutely, alcohol percentages should be prominently printed on wine labels, and in a type size that does NOT require a magnifying glass to read and a type color that does NOT fade into the label color, requiring a laser flashlight to find. Consumers have a right to know this information and to find it quickly and visibly.

I write a wine column for The Tahoe Weekly, at , and it is pet peeve of mine that I often have to call wineries to get this information ... which I include on every wine I note in my column.

In my opinion, if you want to call down the ire of MADD and other organizations... then keep your alcohol percentage information hidden, let your guests drive home after a few glasses of a high-alcohol wine, and create a nightmare for all responsible wineries, winemakers, restauranteurs and dinner hosts. WAKE UP!"

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