Calaveras Wineries Host “Day of the Dead: Celebration of Family and Life”

Calaveras County has many ties to the Hispanic community, including the first Cinco de Mayo held in California . I read about this historical fact in the Columbia State Museum; it’s a featured item from a newspaper from Gold Rush days that is on display, unearthed during my research for a forthcoming book on Wineries of the Sierra and Its Foothills. I shared this tidbit with Evelyn Reyes Umana, owner of Bodega del Sur Winery, and she mentioned a unique event that wineries in Murphys are creating.

Keeping with the Hispanic tradition, but going beyond it, several wineries in and around Murphys are launching the first annual Day of the Dead winery walking tour. The intent of the tour is to celebrate Family and Life.

Participants are Bodega del Sur Winery, Frog’s Tooth Vineyards, Tanner Vineyards, and Beaux Chevaux Tasting Gallery. This a self-guided walking tour through downtown Murphys, CA, on the afternoons of Saturday October 30 and Sunday October 31.

“We are bringing a traditional festival celebrating our loved ones as we honor and remember them, and how they touched our lives,” says the owner of Bodega del Sur Winery. “Cultural traditions from all over the world have mixed and blended to create a larger tradition in which rites commemorating harvest and death will be celebrated in Murphys.” Evelyn and husband Victor were born in Central America.

Each of the tasting rooms will have something special and unique to share with the community. A self-guided tour map will take wine tourists on an unforgettable educational and cultural experience.

“As wine lovers go from one tasting room to another, they’ll enjoy beautifully decorated altars, photos and memorabilia, “ noted Evelyn. “We’ll share personal stories about those who have touched our lives, and hope our wine guests will join in doing that too.”

Each of the participating wineries has a theme:
* Bodega del Sur Winery – Honoring & Remembering Women
* Frog’s Tooth Vineyards – Honoring & Remembering Men
* Tanner Vineyards – Honoring & Remembering Children
* Beaux Chevaux Tasting Gallery – Food and Art

Beaux Chevaux is providing special Day of the Dead bread from Aria Bakery, and hot chocolate. They are also featuring an exhibit of Day of the Dead folk and contemporary art; the art goes on display beginning Oct 15.

The self-guided walking tour is free to the public. Maps will be available starting Oct. 15 at the host tasting rooms. Families are welcomed. No trick-or-treating or costumes.
For more information, please call (209) 728-9030.

Contact for more information:
Helen Sumser, Bodega del Sur Winery
457 S. Algiers Street, Murphys, CA 95247

Nanette Tanner, Tanner Vineyards, 728-8229
Gary Grant, Frog's Tooth Vineyards, 728-2700
Becky Lanier, Beaux Chevaux Tasting Gallery 728-1000

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  1. Hi Barbara, we are having so much fun getting ready for Murphys 'Day of the Dead' celebration; you really capture the spirit of the festivities - of course!
    Best Cheers, Nanette