$45 Winery Sustainability and Design Education Series Online from VT

"In early 2008 the Virginia Tech wine department organized a very successful Winery Sustainability and Design program covering many winery sustainability issues. Because of the success of this event and the importance of the subject, Dr. Bruce Zoecklein posted an Adobe Presenter version of this Online.

The subjects included in these audio and Power Point slide presentations are as follows:
 Sustainability in Winery Design
 Sustainable Winery Architecture
 Why Solar, Why Now
 Gravity Flow Design, Principles and Practices
 Cellars, Caves and Earth-Sheltered Design
 Winery Construction and Sustainable Building Materials

Each presentation is approximately 45 minutes long. Topics are discussed by some of the most respected winery architects, engineers, and winery planners from California and the Pacific Northwest.

This password-protected program is available for a donation of $45 to the Enology-Grape Chemistry Group at Virginia Tech. These funds will be used to support graduate student education. Check it out at:
http://www.vtwines.info/ "

This info from Iowa State's Michael L White. who produces a fantastic bi-weekly newsletter called Wine-Grower-News: issue #104 October 9, 2009

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