Where's the Buzz?

Like many people (mostly men, I think), I have reading material close at hand for contemplation during my morning constitutional (oh yeah, pretend you don't!). This is our chance to ponder the fringes of the universe and the topics that populate the "c" list of our oh-so-busy lives. One such ponderable is a note I printed out on a LinkedIn app called Company Buzz.

LinkedIn introduces this feature thusly: "What are your customers saying about your company? Every second thousands of people are sending out messages about companies and industries on blogs, twitter, and across the internet. Company Buzz taps into this information for you, to find the relevant trends and comments about your company."

I will. And while I am at it, I'm going to explore the other tools that let companies follow what's being said. I'll be back with more apps and the results using them as a test case by spending a few days tracking his company for a friend at ACI Cork USA.

Yes, you can google your company's name. That's one easy way to track the Buzz. But the immediacy of follow-up should be an important marketing concern for any company where there is a deprecating remark posted or negative buzz that's starting.

Beyond the crisis management aspects of tracking the Buzz, knowing that your company is increasingly in the public eye is one sign of the success of your marketing, viral and otherwise. Oh, Hello! Social Networking is here to stay! As a marketing professional who puts a lot of time into staying on top of communications trends, my press list for my PR clients includes bloggers, e-Zines, .com's of major magazines, other www's in the wine industry. I'd be doing a disservice if I just sent business news for clients to the old standbys: magazines, newspapers, business journals, TV/Radio. It's simply not enough anymore to do that kind of traditional marketing communications.

But the next step is the metrics. It's great that Constant Contact tells me how many "opens" my e-mail blitzes get. That's a good first start. (I could brag here, but I won't...) But beyond the bare splathering of news into the ether, I want to know who is saying what about my client companies. And my own.

So stay tuned.
And if you have hearsay or experience with any tracking services, please post a comment.

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  1. I think that Cruvee (www.cruvee.com) is doing what you say (they were going to be a social network, but now they are going to help wineries with social networking, including tracking)