DEVELOP A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP: This is the key to marketing to Hispanics

“DEVELOP A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP: This is the key to marketing to Hispanics,” says bicultural marketing expert Sofia E Keck.

"Realizing the opportunities in the Hispanic market takes much more than translating existing campaigns into Spanish; it means integrating Hispanic culture into the heart of your business and becoming a part of the Hispanic community."

“The Hispanic market is growing faster than any other in the U.S.A,” noted Ms Keck. “It’s going to be worth more than $1.3 Trillion by 2015.” To reach this market requires thoughtful marketing.

Hispanic marketing needs to go far beyond language translation services -- brands need to speak authentically to the desires of Hispanic customers and create an emotional bond with them.

“There are many examples all around us of Hispanic marketing that is not culturally relevant and misses the mark with Hispanic consumers,” stated Ms Keck. “In order to effectively market to Hispanics, you must connect with your audience, and this means fostering the long-term loyal customer relationships which drive Hispanic purchasing patterns.”

“Smart Branding is the key to success with these consumers,” says Ms Keck. “Hispanic customers prefer to do business with friends. You must create an inviting brand that Hispanic customers will integrate into their lifestyle. Your brand must inspire a sense of familiarity.”

Sell It in Spanish, a consulting firm owned by Ms Keck, assists in reaching Hispanic consumers by increasing the cultural sensitivities of US businesses and enhancing the knowledge of Hispanic values and understanding the considerations that Hispanic customers when purchasing a product.


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